• Distribution Transformers
• Single PhaseTransformers
   upto 100KVA
• Auto Transformer
  ( Single and Three Phase )
• Three Phase Transformers
   upto 300KVA
• Isolation Transformers  
   ( Single and Three Phase )
• AC ,DC Chokes, ( Inductors)
• Harmonic Filter Reactors
• Special Purpose Transformers

Single Phase Transformers upto 100 kVA


Single Phase Transformers available in capacities ranging from 10 KVA to 100 KVA. Single phase transformers capacity ranges from 0.05 KVA up through 100 KVA.  These devices offer quiet, long lasting operation and endless design options of termination incorporation. 

Single phase and three phase transformers are four winding transformers designed for two purposes.  The first is to function as a low voltage isolation transformer with a capacity of .050 KVA to 5.0 KVA.  The other is to correct consistently low or high voltage conditions.  Variation of the input voltage is passed through to the output side of the transformer in the same percentage. 

70 kva monga & 138 kva inteltek
Control Transformers
HT Transformers
Phase Reduction Transformer
Power Transformers,
Single Phase
& Three Phase - upto 300 KVA
HT Transformers
Three PH Cast ResinTransformers
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