• Distribution Transformers
• Single PhaseTransformers
   upto 100KVA
• Auto Transformer
  ( Single and Three Phase )
• Three Phase Transformers
   upto 300KVA
• Isolation Transformers  
   ( Single and Three Phase )
• AC ,DC Chokes, ( Inductors)
• Harmonic Filter Reactors
• Special Purpose Transformers

AC and DC Chokes, Inductors and Reactors, Transformers, Single Phase Transformers, Three Phase Transformers, Isolation Transformers, Special Purpose Transformers

 Company Profile


AMAR TRANSFORMERS Pvt.Ltd. is an ISO : 9001-2008 certified company established in 1990 and engaged in Design, Manufacture and Supply of Industrial Transformers and Chokes, meeting National and International Standards. From the beginning company has recorded consistent and impressive growth. We are supplying Transformers and Chokes of varying capacities to the number of reputed Industries and Multinational Companies.

AMAR TRANSFORMERS has a well equipped manufacturing facility admeasuring 8000 sq. fit near to TATA MOTORS supported by dedicated team of technicians and skilled workmen, assure quality output.

AMAR TRANSFORMERS is committed to complete customer satisfaction through continuous process improvement. This has enabled us to be competitive with respect to Quality, Cost and Delivery.

AMAR TRANSFORMERS has the necessary infrastructure and capacity to execute large volume orders within short delivery period.


• Single Phase Transformers upto 100 kVA
• Three Phase Transformers upto 300 kVA
• Isolation Transformers ( single and three phase )
• Auto Transformers ( single and three phase )
• AC, DC Chokes ( Inductors )
• Harmonic Filter Reactors
• Any special purpose Transformers as per customer's requirement.

Our Products are used for following Equipments
• X - Ray Machines
• Uninterrupted Power Supply ( UPS )
• AC / DC Drives
• Electrical Control Panels
• Process Control Equipments
• All Types of Electronic Equipments
• Power Packs for CNC m/c & Medical Equipments
• Quality Policy

We ensure that our products meet customer specifications and satisfy their needs and expectations. We achieve this through active involvement of all our employees to maintain effective Quality Management System for continual improvement.

Quality System : Our products are 100% tested for following electrical parameters

• Ratio Test
• Open Circuit Test ( Core Loss )
• Short Circuit Test ( Copper Loss )
• Insulation Resistance ( Megger )
• High Voltage Flash Test.
• Temperature Rise Test.
• Load Regulation Test
• Efficency
( Test Report is provided along with every supply for routine tests )
• List of Major Customers
Defence Machinery Design Establishment ( DMDE ) Secunderabad
Hindustan Unilever Ltd. (All companies in India)
Wipro GE Medical Systems Ltd. ( Bangalore )
TATA MOTORS LTD. Pimpri, Pune.
Approved supplier for Atlas Capco Ltd., ( Pune )
Approved supplier for PMT Machine Tools Ltd. ( Pune )
Approved supplier for Thermax Ltd. ( Pune )
Monga Strayfield Pvt. Ltd. ( U.K. Collabration )
Megatech Power Equipments Pvt. Ltd. ( Pune )
DB Power Electronics Pvt. Ltd ( Pune )
Ambik Harmonik Filters Pvt. Ltd. ( Pune )
I.I.T Powai ( Mumbai ) Electrical Engineering Department.
Hi – Point Services Pvt. Ltd. ( Mumbai ) Marine Application.
Supreme Industry ( Pune )
Honeywell Turbo Technologies Ltd. Hingewadi ( Pune )
Inteltech Automation Ltd. ( Pune )
Power Formers Engineers Pvt. Ltd. ( Pune )
Jayashree Electron Pvt Ltd. ( Pune )

And many other reputed companies all over in India are using our Transformers and  Chokes in their products
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